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WordPress Website Maintenance Services

Care Plans For Your WordPress Websites

Our WordPress website maintenance services assist business owners to manage, secure, and optimize their websites for peak performances.

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How many hours are you spending editing, updating, speeding up, securing, and growing your WordPress sites?

Do you really want to spend so much time doing these things when you could be focusing on signing up more deals?
May be time to invest in a team to manage everything WordPress for you. You can stay stress-free by using our WordPress Maintenance and Care Plans. No more updates breaking your website, website loading speed problems, malware, and much more! Let us handle these things for you so that you can focus more on your core business and convert more leads.
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Why maintaining a website is important?

For any online business, the maintenance of a website is crucial as It ensures that the website runs smoother and faster. Websites are vulnerable to be attacked by malware and other malicious programs and thus need proper maintenance.

To maintain an SEO-friendly website, a fair amount of maintenance is required on an ongoing basis. As a business owner, you have millions of things to worry about. Keeping your website updated can sometimes be a big distraction. You don’t want to spend time fiddling with your website which you would much rather devote to core business activities.

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WordPress Maintenance for your Website

You don’t need to learn web design, have a huge budget or hire your own IT department. Our WordPress Support & Maintenance Plans will save you time and money while improving your website..

What’s Included In Our Website Care Plans

WordPress Updates

Stay Updated, Increase Security, Stay Secure

We will always keep your WordPress website updated with the latest WordPress stable releases and security patches. This keeps your websites secure and increases performance.

WordPress Theme Updates

Always keep your custom or marketplace themes updated

It’s important to keep your WordPress themes updated for security as well – whether they are custom or purchased from any marketplace.

Plugin Maintenance

Outdated Plugin, vulnerable codes, and update checks

People forget to update their plugins or sometimes website design breaks after an update. You don’t have to worry about these if we are maintaining your website.

Website Optimization

Optimize WordPress files and database tables

With time, you need to clean up and optimize the website files and database for optimum performance. WordPress websites with plugins and themes can create junk in the database which needs to be cleaned up.

24/7 Security Shield

Keep viruses, malware, and hackers away from your website

Since WordPress has become really popular, it is constantly attacked by hackers to inject malware & viruses. We have to make sure that the websites stay updated with the latest security codes and methods.

Daily Cloud Backups

Regular website & database backups for those times

It’s recommended to create backups of your websites. Backups should be taken before updating any plugin/theme on the website. If anything goes wrong you can roll the website back to the previous version.

Professional WordPress maintenance & support for all businesses

Oceanus World believes websites are valuable business assets that bring in great ROIs and you need to understand that you have to maintain it as well. Our maintenance & support services are designed to assist businesses’ progress by taking care of all the technicalities and so allow our clients & customers to focus on other areas of their business.

We have used and partnered up with many of the WordPress hosting companies, theme developers, plugin developers, market places, and WordPress solution providers that majorly people rely on. It is what makes us the leading experts with WordPress support and maintenance services.

From blogs, standard business websites to eCommerce, and enterprise-level WordPress websites, we can take care of them.

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